Made by Queens

The nectar of the love
for flowers

The life of all flowers on this planet depends on the love that bees feel for them. From that love arises a wonderful nectar we call honey, a nectar made by queens.

Thousands of bees,
thousands of kilometres, millions of flowers

Our Honey Sierra Filabres is made with the nectar of flowers from Almeria’s desert and mountains.
40,000 bees work, travelling 45,000 kilometres and visiting more than one million to collect the necessary nectar to produce the 250 grams in each jar of our honey.

Honey, a unique picture of a landscape

In Sierra Filabres each hive is a faithful reflection of the territory, a small factory where thousands of worker bees and one queen work to transform the landscape into a flavour in a pure way. Therefore, each jar of honey is a unique picture of the surroundings of the beehive. In the same way that a painting captures the landscape, our honey captures its flavour and smell. Our honey is art made by nature.